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Our Dance Place Is a result of a deep conviction and belief that people with disabilities should be able to enjoy their friends in a social environment. We are a organization providing a safe hassle-free social environment where people with disabilities can come together be with their friends, meet new friends and enjoy the musical atmosphere and activities. A social musical entertainment club for people with disabilities ages range from 12 to 65+ and every month we celebrate birthdays each month, with cake, card and a gift card  We operate with all volunteers and funds we receive are used go back directly or indirectly to the people we serve.

We have a different every week or so, like Back to the 50's, Funny Hat Night, Cowboy/Cowgirl Night, PJ Party Night, Air Guitar Night, Lip Sync Night, Rock Night, Blues Night, Motown Soul Night, Our Dance Place Has Talent Night, just to name a few. We Have Our Spring Fling Formal Dance, Prom Night, and in the Fall we have Our Viking Prom.

Donations are important to us as it helps us to expand and reach more people. We continue to grow and interact with more people. Be a part of creating fun, for people with disabilities. DONATE TODAY:


25235 Forest Blvd


John Thorp, Founder, "OUR DANCE PLACE" started with a idea that music was a way to change people lives and that people with disabilities had no place to go and be with friends. Entertaining was a now 50+ years of enjoyment, experience and love to share. The focus point and begining was entertaining the Special Olympics for the first time and seeing the smiling faces, which went right to the heart of the problem. No one was doing entertainment for just the people with disabilities. 110% of giving back is the love of what we are doing. Smile maker from the Heart.

Michael Johnson, CEO, "OUR DANCE PLACE", A perfect fit for what we need to continue on course for growth, staying on tract to becoming a Place "Where every one belongs". Entertainment, excitement, nothing but a good time for all.

Nicole Martinson "OUR DANCE PLACE" , Administrative Director, Staff Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, Certified DJ Instructor

A young lady outstanding self starter with a willingness to make sure everything stays on track. A very important part of the weekly progress while keeping a close watch on progress.

Dana Elofson "OUR DANCE PLACE",  Blaine Volunteer Certified DJ Entertainer. Playing all the music that keeps the place a dancing. 

Teri Jo Fierst "OUR DANCE PLACE" Blaine Volunteer


Masters of converting unhappiness into smiling satisfaction

Michael Johnson

Chief Executive Officer
Mike has the back ground of a saint and the love for making everything better.

Nicole Martinson

Administrative Director
Volunteer Coordinator
Certified DJ Instructor

Nicole, a well rounded, loving person who can make anything possible.

John Thorp

John The
Founder with the love of music and entertainment in his soul. Smile maker from the heart.